VIDEO: Who is DTown? (Radio Interview Snippet) @ExecutiveDTown

VIDEO: Who is DTown? (Radio Interview Snippet) @ExecutiveDTown

Who is DTown? (Radio Interview Snippet) @ExecutiveDTown
For those who are not familiar with all of the rising talent in Youngstown, then this is definitely a good question to ask. DTown (@ExecutiveDTown) is an MC from the Steel Valley looking to take it by storm with a seemingly endless dedication to lyricism that is effectively combined with a brand of witty deliver that is becoming his trademark. “The Northsider EP”is the title of DTown’s first solo album.

In this interview, from 2013, DTown sits down with BlackCloud, SJ, and the rest of the Revolution Radio Crew at Rookery Radio Statio on Youngstown State University’s campus. DTown talks about music, upcoming shows, plans, set backs, and overcoming adversity.

You can view the full interview here:

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