VIDEO: DTown – Money

VIDEO: DTown – Money

DTown – Money

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Emerging from an era saturated with aspiring MC’s all striving for the status of “the best rapper alive”, the story of Youngstown, Ohio native DTown is a refreshing exception to the quick route for fame and success. DTown first began his journey when he formed Da Kreek with his younger brother Mello Dee. DTown made himself notable through a calculated approach to the game–no small feat considering his background in production, music marketing, graphic design, broadcasting, & event coordination. The hard work of the rap duo paid off, with DTown earning several hip hop award nominations and acknowledgement as one of the “hardest working artist” the area has known.

In 2016, DTown launched “Dope Sixteens,” an online freestyle series that showcases his lyrical abilities as an MC. Recently, DTown has partnered back up with Mello Dee to produce a follow up album to “The Northsider EP” that is expected to be released in 2017. DTown also launched “Industry Rule #4080” Podcast in 2016 with producer and band member, Mello Dee. The two discuss current events in hip hop, rap, and pop culture.

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