10 Songs Defined DTown’s Decade

10 Songs Defined DTown’s Decade

Author: J. Astro

“Over the course of the past decade, DTown has gone from a braggadocious MC to an artist focused on using his platform to inspire others.”

DTown’s journey from 2009 to 2019 was one hell of a ride. We watched a young rapper mature over the course of several projects. His breakout 2011 mixtape with Mello Dee “Da Kreek – Clock In: Flight Shift” and his 2015 debut solo studio album “The Northsider EP” bold moments that allowed us to witness his transition in his artistry. He kicked off the decade focusing on delivering a variety of flows and aggressive lyrics then transitioned into an artist who delivered introspective songs about relationships, stress, inspiration, and insecurities. 

Over the course of the past decade, he’s been nominated for 10 awards, brought home 2 awards (Best Live Performance and Listeners Choice), performed with a live band, toured the midwest, sold records internationally, helped feed the homeless, helped raise money for HIV / AIDS Awareness, mentored upcoming artists and much more.

Between 2009 and 2019, DTown displayed a lot of growth and it is clear in his music. Over the course of the past decade, DTown has gone from a braggadocious MC to an artist focused on using his platform to inspire others.

Here are ten defining songs from a decade’s worth of material that best highlight the narrative arc of DTown’s career.

I’m Good (2009)

Albeit this is not a solo song, this exhibits DTown’s style at the commencement of the decade. The song contains witty metaphors, several different rhyme schemes, and vainglorious lyrics. The cockiness in his delivery shines through as he switches styles throughout the song.

Partnered with Mello Dee’s production, the rap duo delivered an astounding performance and set the tone that they would take the rap game by storm.

Dizzy (2011)

Dizzy is a track produced by DTown for Da Kreek’s 2011 release “Clock In: Flight Shift.” The track features a sample from the popular anime INUYASHA. 

This was one of the first tracks that DTown provided listeners with a look into his mindset. Alongside of Mello Dee and Diamond Nicole, DTown gives a glimpse into his thought process as he speaks about pursuing success and a desire to achieve prosperity.

GO (2012)

In 2012, DTown (alongside Mello Dee as Da Kreek) released the song “GO.” The energetic, hard-hitting, sharp production allowed the duo to exchange verses in a style that seemed to complement their styles as MC’s.

DTown’s abrasive lyrics kicked off the song and showed a different side of the Youngstown native. It’s clear that he did not hold back or abstain on this song. Despite it being a “trap-style beat,” DTown clarified that he is an artist who can perform over any production. Whether it be east coast boom bap production or dirty south trap beats.

Different Mold (2013)

In 2013, DTown and Mello Dee released the introspective song “Different Mold” produced by Mello Dee.

The song tackled strained relationships and how it has had an impact on the duo. DTown spoke about how a strained relationship with a young woman obstructed his ingenuity, creativity, and art.

You can feel the frustration in DTown’s deliver and lyrics as he pours his heart out on this song.

This song was the lead single on the unreleased “Good Fortune” album that the duo was slated to release in 2013.

Say Somethin’ (2015)

DTown released his debut solo project “The Northsider EP” in 2015. Which featured Mello Dee as lead producer on the bulk of the collection.

You can see DTown’s style pivot on this album as he approaches songs with a more mature mindset and delivers more advanced lyrics while dealing with different subjects.

The song “Say Somethin’,” performed alongside K-Starr and Mai Byrd, is a story-telling that details a person grieving the loss of someone close to them. This was the first time that DTown gave audiences a story-telling track that drew them in emotionally.

The Breakdown (2015)

Another standout track on DTown’s “The Northsider EP” was “The Breakdown.” This song was produced by Mello Dee.

During this song, DTown speaks about a relationship that is on the rocks and does not appear to be getting better. He demonstrates a variety of flows over Mello Dee’s production while addressing the barricades that many experiences when at a crossroads in a shaky relationship.

Never Backdown (2015)

Was this song an obvious choice for this list? Absolutely. DTown covered a range of emotions on “The Northsider EP” and ff with an inspiring track produced by Black Cloud. On this song, DTown displays his skills as a developed MC and also displaying his hunger to relentlessly pursue greatness, despite the odds being stacked against him.

Ric Flair (2017)

Ric Flair is a song that displays savage metaphors, incredibly breath control, top-notch delivery and DTown in rare form. DTown clearly was out to body every line of this song and he did not disappoint. The rapid-fire flows and complex rhyme schemes showed that DTown can be incredibly surgical with his lyrics. 

Stop for Nothin (2019)

DTown’s insecurities and raw emotions are on full display. Despite the roadblocks and obstacles in his path, DTown expresses his willingness to continue his journey and deliver the best performance possible.

You’re A Star (2019)

By leaps and bounds, this is a career highlight for DTown. DTown released “Dopesixteens Vol. 1” and immediately you can see how his style has changed. On “You’re A Star” discusses his journey into music dating back almost 15 years to address how his peers attempted to downplay his talents while also blocking him from several opportunities. DTown’s insecurities and resilience are on full display with this track. This is possibly his most introspective track to date.

“You’re A Star” cuts through all the noise and gave audiences an in-depth look at the early days of DTown’s journey from the bottom.


  • Da Kreek – Wings and Propellers (Fly Fly Fly)
  • Da Kreek – Man Down
  • Da Kreek – Who What When Where (feat. Cy Harp)
  • DTown – Voodoo
  • Cy Harp – Emotional Landscape feat. DTown and Mello Dee
  • DTown – Pressure

A Word From DTown

Looking back on everything, I can’t believe it has been a decade. A lot has changed with me since 2009. And I’m certain a lot of things have changed with YOU as well. As people, we all grow, change, and evolve. I feel like I have grown to become a better artist, a better producer and a better man. I hope that you have grown and become the best version of yourself, as well.

Whether you’ve been here since Day 1 or jus arrived. Thank you. Thank you so much for your continued support.